Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yeshua - Fernandinho

Here is another one of my favorite worship songs by Fernandinho with my English translation. This one I learned for the first time during DTS outreach in Paraopeba, Minas Gerais. It is based in Song of Songs/Solomon.

Yeshua... (Yeshua...)

Vem saltando sobre os montes (Come leaping over the mountains)
de Jerusalem (of Jerusalem)

Sou tua noiva apaixonada (I am your bride who is in love)
te esperando para dançar (waiting for you to dance)


Melinda said...

So far, the lyrics to this are my favorite. Not knowing the melody line and looking at the lyrics alone, of course. For whatever reason, I have always been especially moved by bride/groom imagery, as it is used throughout the old and new testaments.

Stefanie said...

Hey Melinda, I posted a video of this song from youtube just for you! The video is of Fernandinho but it is interesting that it is accompanied by some dancers. "Prophetic dance" is a lot more common in Brazilian churches than it is in the US from what I have noticed.

Anders Branderud said...

I want to comment regarding the use of "Yeshua"..

Le-havdil, A logical analysis (found in ( is the website of the only legitimate Netzarim-group)) of all extant source documents and archeology proves that the historical Ribi Yehosuha ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) from Nazareth and his talmidim (apprentice-students), called the Netzarim, taught and lived Torah all of their lives; and that Netzarim and Christianity were always antithetical.

The original words of the pro-Torah teacher Ribi Yehoshua were redacted by Roman Hellenists, and the redaction is found in the “gospels”. Jesus is described in the “gospels”, and le-havdil the teachings of the historical Torah-teacher Ribi Yehoshua from Nazareth are found in the reconstruction (using a logical and scientific methodology to create the reconstruction), Netzarim Hebrew Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM).

The historical Jew Ribi Yehoshua is not the same as the Christian "J...."

JLUV said...

@Anders Branderud I am lost even after reading what you wrote twice over.

Wattuser said...

Is there a lyrically correct version in other languages...specifically english, hindi/urdu... I heard it once in Russian...moving song and want to bless people around me...